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Steve’s Top 10 Records of 2019

2019. Here we are at the end of another year. And not only the end of a year but 2019 also brings us to the end of another decade. Much like last year, 2019 brought about quite a few bands that I had not previously heard. Several of these bands made this year’s list. Additionally, there are bands that made this list that have shown up on previous lists of mine. Overall, I think this was a good year for music, and I think this list is a good representation of how the year went.

And now, here are my top 10 favorite albums of 2019! Enjoy!

10.  The NormandysCo-Conspirators of Greater Evils (Self-released)

This band hails from Tulsa and since I live in Oklahoma, I have seen this band a time or two. Aside from live performances, I have listened to some of their material off and on but this EP really hit me. They’re definitely a band that you should keep an eye on, if you aren’t already.

My favorite song:  “I Don’t Want To Be Me”

9.  Bad ReligionAge of Unreason (via Epitaph Records)

Since they are one of my favorite bands, it should come as no surprise that this newest offering by the legendary Southern California-based melodic hardcore outfit should end up on this end of year list. Bad Religion has a formula of writing songs. This formula has not changed in several years. And why should it? It works.

My favorite songs:  “Candidate,” “Lose Your Head,” “Do the Paranoid Style,” “Big Black Dog,” and “My Sanity.”

8.  Off With Their HeadsBe Good (via Epitaph Records)

Ever since I had first heard of this band, which was a live performance on a tour in support of their previous LP Home, they have been one of my favorites. After a period of disappointment having heard that the band, more or less, had gone on extended hiatus, I was immensely happy to hear that we were getting another new release from them. While (to be honest) not quite up to the caliber of album that Home was, this album did not disappoint and is a very good album.

My favorites are “Disappear,” the title track, “No Love,” “Take Me Away,” “Severe Errand,” and “Tear Me Apart.”

7.  Western SettingsAnother Year (via A-F Records)

Another recommendation from Dave, this album shot to the top of my list almost immediately after its release. Hailing from San Diego, Another Year is Western Settings’ sophomore full-length, following up on 2015’s Yes It Is.

My favorites are “Another Year,” “Back to 52,” “Spinning World,” “That’s Pretty Good,” and “Agnus.”

6.  LagwagonRailer (via Fat Wreck Chords)

I was really looking forward to this album as soon as I had heard of its release and it was certainly satisfying.

My favorite tracks are “Pray for Them,” “Dark Matter,” “Surviving California,” “Stealing Light,” “Parable,” and their cover of the Journey hit “Faithfully.” By the way, I TOTALLY like their version better than the original.

5.  Audio KarateMalo (via Wiretap Records)

I actually discovered Audio Karate last year when their single “Bounce” was released by Wiretap. When I first began to compile this list, Malo was further down on the list but while trying to decide on my final ranking, I kept listening to this album over and over and it made a fast track toward the top of the heap.

My favorite tracks include “Get Mendoza,” “Sin Cuchillo,” “Saturday Night,” “Good Loving Man,” and “Pardon Me.”

4.  Dan Vapid and the CheatsThree (via Eccentric Pop)

I love everything that Chicago native Dan Vapid (aka Dan Schafer) has been involved in. From his early work with Screeching Weasel and The Riverdales, to his Noise By Numbers material, and especially his time with The Methadones, his time with the Cheats has also been nothing less than amazing. Three is their first recorded material since the 2013 album Two. My favorite tracks on this one include “Silver Lining,” “The Time You Get,” “Bittersweet,” “Chase Away the Darkness,” “The Bells of Maryville,” and “Dead Roses,”

3.  Masked IntruderIII (via Pure Noise Records)

Everything this Madison, Wisconsin-based Pop-Punk band releases is a hit. This band continues to put out ear-friendly tunage, and this year is no exception.

My favorite tracks on this album include “Stay With Me Tonight,” “I’ll Be Back Again Someday,” “Dream a Little Dream,” “No Case,” “Mine All Mine,” “All of My Love,” and “Maybe Even.”

2.  Joey Cape Let Me Know When You Get Up (via Fat Wreck Chords)

This is one of only two albums released by a solo artist that appears on this year’s list. And yes, the album from the singer of the band in the number six spot IS higher on the list than they are. Joey Cape is one of my favorite vocalists. His solo work as well as his work with Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut are phenomenal. Let Me Know When You Give Up is another great contribution by Mr. Cape.

My favorites are “I Know How to Run,” “Fighting Atrophy,” “Fall Down,” “Andalusia,” “The Love of My Life,” and “The Last Word.”

1.  Dave HauseKick (via Rise Records)

I am a big fan of Dave Hause. His 2013 album Devour appeared on my best of list that year as well as my best of the decade list. I have seen his live performances more than once so I was most certainly excited to hear that he was releasing a new album this year. This album has been on my number one spot since its release. It’s such a great album by a great songwriter.

My favorites on this one are “Bearing Down,” “Fireflies,” “Warpaint,” “Eye Aye I,” “The Ditch,” and “Saboteurs,” as well as everything else on this album.

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