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The Lucky Eejits – Out Of Time

This record is gold, so I've been told, and it's definitely something for the long run.

Out Of Time

July 12, 2019
Bypolar Records Wiretap Records

Ever since that Bandaid Brigade earworm dropped, I have been looking for a cure. My brain has been plagued by that catchy chorus and I finally found a cure for all of us: The Lucky Eejits‘ new album. Continuing with their anthem charged Pop Punk sound, the band is even tighter than ever.  

Out Of Time is a album entirely composed of hooks, masterfully executed and placed. It will most definitely wiggle its way into your brain with the singles “Champion” and “So Far So Good” which were released last month. You will be stuck singing these choruses; it’s inevitable. The bass on all the tracks has a gritty punch but it’s like sipping on a nice whiskey ’cause it’s smooth while it burns. There’s that bass player bias again in every review I seem to write… but it’s what sticks out when I listen to anything and can make or break an album for me. Honestly for me, the tone surpasses “make.”

I am a sucker for songs using that fast gallop drum beat, which the band uses in several songs selectively and artfully. The album got me right off the bat starting out with “Get Out,” which charges through most of the song. They revisit this tempo in “Happy Accidents” and “Got No Heart” as well.

“So Far So Good” is rightfully a single, because the melody of the chorus is incredibly memorable. “Did I screw up again?/ I really did it this time/ all that’s left are scars and broken hearts to which I cannot handle/will you still be there this time?” hits home when I think about my own experiences with growing up or in past relationships.

“Champion” is an inspiring anthem that gives the listener hope. I truly believe that the band feels this way when I heard the song and it makes me want to stand up and do something right. The songwriting from The Eeejits lyric-wise has always been very thoughtful, but I feel like they stepped it up for this one. So many of the songs tackle relatable subjects; it might not be exactly what the song is about but we all can nod our heads and think, “Yeah, I’ve been there man.”

There are zero duds on this album and it plays well from start to finish. My favorite tracks on this one are “Re-light,” “Cold Stare,” and “So Far So Good” but it is really hard to pick one off an album like this that flows so well start to finish. The song “Cold Stare” is notable to me. Everything I want in a Pop Punk chorus is in this song. There’s pre-chorus with a heart-wrenching guitar lick harmonizing with vocal play leading into a singalong with whoas. It brings tears to my eyes. This is not the only song the band does this in, but they really have it down.

The full-length is co-released via Wiretap Records and Bypolar Records and available on pretty much every platform you can think of. The band has vinyl available through the Bypolar website and they will have it with them on their upcoming tour with Burn Burn Burn! this July and August. If you can catch them and pick up a copy, you will not regret it!

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