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Mad Caddies & The Moröns in Calgary, Alberta

Mad Caddies plays to a sold-out show in Calgary Alberta on February 23rd 2023 at Dickens Pub.

Photo: Jay Munoz

“How to Tour the Great White North during an Arctic Freeze and Still have a Rad Time Doing it” would be a fitting title for a blog post written by anyone having played last week in Western Canada – despite the unreasonably cold weather (more than 30 degrees below zero and windy – yes, seriously) the Mad Caddies put on two sold-out shows in Calgary Alberta on the 23rd and 24th of February.

First off – the Mad Caddies never disappoint – like, ever. Is that my biased opinion? Probably, but I’m going to allow myself to lean into it for this one. Anytime I have seen them perform live, the Mad Caddies always bring magnetic energy that envelops the whole audience, eliciting chants for specific song requests and inspiring a desire to have them play beyond the appointed set times.

It has to be said that if you are playing in Calgary Alberta, Dickens Pub is the venue you want to play at if you want a more intimate setting that allows for a more personal experience – only if that’s your thing, that is. The room is dark, moody, and ready to receive patrons on the dance floor, bevy in hand, ready to dance. Standing room is a given if you want to be right up front. Care for a seat? Head to the back near the pool tables for a stool not yet taken. Adjacent to the dance floor, you’ll find the bar with a wide selection of choice, Alberta preferred beer. From Pilsners to Lagers, choose your own adventure as you enjoy the musical serenade. Dickens Pub is awesome – I was not paid to say so, just so we’re clear on that.

First on stage, The Devil’s Sons opened the evening, colliding musical elements from the corners of Psychobilly, Metal, and Punk Rock. Upright Bass players are the freaking coolest, bro.

Calgary’s The Moröns (pronounced more-owns) gave attendees a refreshing take on 90s inspired Skate Punk devoid of any intentional bravado. I might never be clever, but The Moröns can sure bring the witty. These guys have fun, perform to please, and are a killer good time. You best be ready to party, because The Moröns are bringing one right to you. Catchy guitar licks and quippy lyrics reign abundantly throughout the set. My personal faves of the evening were “Ride or Die” and “Southwood.” Haven’t heard their take on Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” yet? You gotta; it’s seriously great.

Mad Caddies are always the right choice to spend an evening with. Opening up with “Lay Your Head Down” was the perfect way to set the tone for the evening – relax, embrace the moment, and enjoy the set. Perhaps one of the standout qualities of this night was the fresh energy maintained by a line-up featuring Brandon Landelius (Authority Zero) and Sean Sellers (Good Riddance) and still delivering that familiar Mad Caddies fervor. To be fair, adding musical legends to the lineup can only enhance the show’s quality. Entertaining to the last bit, show-goers enjoyed fan favorites like “State of Mind,” “Coyote,” “Let It Go,” and classic Mad Caddies tracks like “Road Rash,” “Weird Beard,” and “Villains.” Energetic and engaging, the Mad Caddies show no signs of slowing their roll with a new record in the works and ongoing tour dates. Something I personally appreciate about the Mad Caddies is that they are truly timeless. As time passes, they continue to create music that is both honest and uplifting, even if the subject matter is a touch morose on occasion. “Brand New Scar” is the perfect example of a feel-good tune rife with break-up sentiment. Dare I say cathartic? I think so.

And that’s just it – After a long, grueling Canadian winter, an evening with Mad Caddies is a welcome dose of musical therapy long overdue. Catch them on tour at a venue near you.

To listen to the setlist tracks, check out this Spotify playlist here

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