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Bad Cop / Bad Cop Releases New Single “Simple Girl”

FINALLY, something in the music world that I can look forward to which won’t be cancelled this year! Bad Cop / Bad Cop has announced the release of their new album, The Ride. The record will be the LA area band’s third full-length and will be released via Fat Wreck Chords on June 19th.

The Ride was recorded throughout much of 2018 and 2019 by Johnny Carey and Fat Mike (D-Composers), and boasts all of the elements of Bad Cop’s sound: big guitars, lock-step bass and drums, intricate vocal harmonies, and plenty of attitude.

The lead single from the album, entitled “Simple Girl,” is out now and available via all digital platforms.

Vocalist/Guitarist Stacey Dee had to following to say about the new song:

“I wrote ‘Simple Girl’ in response to what the man I’m seeing said to me when pausing our relationship… ‘We both have complicated lives, the next person I’m going to be with is going to be simple.’ It hurt and got me thinking. I decided then to make a declaration of everything I am and am proud to be.”

Listen to “Simple Girl” today and pre-order your copy of The Ride now and keep checking back for more updates on Bad Cop, their new album, and Fat Wreck Chords!

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  • I had a good time says:

    June 6 ,2023

    I just checked off the band Bad Cop Bad Cop from my concert bucket list. I have have been waiting 3 years for them to return to the Detroit area. Finally they came back. This show was at the Sanctuary in Hamtramack. And for me, this time I actually had the day off and could attend. I calendered the June 4th date probably 4 months earlier. I put off getting the new CD,” The Ride” figuring I would just buy it at the merch table when I go. These ladies are amazing. They play hard and fast, which is what I would expect from a Fat Wreckcords band. The thing I liked about this show, was the smaller setting. I expected there to be more people then the 100 or so that showed. But I think thats what added to this shows appeal. Linh Le on stage is savage and cute at the same time. She frequently steps to the front of the stage, over or stepping onto the vocal monitors interacting with the crowd. Stacey Dee is a straight bad ass on guitar. These two performers compliment each other very well. Its evident that both are enjoying what they are doing on stage. The band is backed by Myra Galarza on drums. During the performance I couldn’t help observing how her fan on the drum pedastole was blowing and wisping her hair upward as if she was on a model shoot. Apparently Jennie Cotterill has left the band which is too bad. Before the show I noticed them walking down the street to grab some pre show eats. I kind of did a mental inventory of all the band members walking by. I remember thinking, gee…that Jennie dosent look anything like the photos. Then I thought, maybe they got a new guitarist. But wait, this chick has the bangs going too. What are the chances of a new guitarist having similar bangs? Just really confusing. Later, during the performance, they informed those such as myself not in the know, that Alex Windsor was taking over for Jennie. She did a good job. It was made clear that the band holds no animosity towards Jens decision. So maybe this is just a temporary touring hiatus for her. Fingers crossed she returns. They got something good going here and this creative dynamic works.

    Today I popped in The Ride CD I purchased at the show a few nights ago and listened to it on my commute in to work. Its really good. Dare I say slightly better then the Warriors CD. You get the edgey sing along tracks Simple girl, Take my call and Breathless with the raw political punk side that challanges its listeners with the songs Certain kind of Monster and Pursuit of Liberty. Thats two solid full lengths from this band now. If you like their first CD, then i would say its safe to say you will like the second one as well. I had a good time watching Bad Cop Bad Cop and enjoying a couple of cold PBR’s. I look foreward to seeing new future releases from this band.

    Next up on my bucket list are The Flatliners!!!


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