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Plasma Canvas Releases New Album ‘DUSK’

Colorado’s Plasma Canvas has released their newest album, DUSK, on all streaming platforms! The album is available now on limited edition red and black 12″ vinyl via SideOneDummy Records. Plus, there’s T-shirt and hoodie bundles available too! Clocking in at eleven tracks over an hour, the record is by far the most expansive and ambitious of the band’s young career.

Singer/Guitarist Adrienne Rae Ash had the following to say about the new album:

“You’re getting in a car late at night. You don’t know where you’re going, but it’s anywhere but here. You start the car. The gas tank is full, which you notice is the one thing in your life that doesn’t feel empty, aimless and drifting. Shift to drive.You drive for what feels like hours or minutes. The quaint, ordinary life shrinks in the rear-view while mountains zip past and turn into hills, into flat plains, into one-lane roads, into abyss. When you’re firmly lost, the self creeps in.

You remember. You forget again. You ponder. You disintegrate. When you feel nothing, you become everything. The road stretches on into whatever will be, and you follow. You keep the music loud to drown out the silence. Here, you can be anything. Anything that scares you. I think that scares you. Drifting, again. Listless even in the act of rebellion.

Wake up.
Swerve, skid, stop.
With the car running, you turn off the lights and peer over the wheel, into the Outside. The great, black nothing. You turn off the engine, step out of the car, and look up at the holes that God poked through the veil to keep an eye on you. Across the sky from the weary crescent moon over Wyoming, you’re caught in its gaze.

You float into it. Consumed by it. You’re suffocated by its gravity. You fall into the crushing all. The inevitable. The space between. The transition. The void.

Close your eyes.
Softly drift inside.
You and I are all alone tonight.

Descending, or ascending, into the dusk of the soul.”

DUSK was written alone in Ash’s bedroom as an exercise in processing personal trauma and finding a way to grow forward. However, this time spent alone also built a longing for time spent together. The twelve songs on DUSK were captured at The Blasting Room in the band’s hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado, engineered by Andrew Berlin, mixed by Jason Livermore and produced byDescendents’ Bill Stevenson. Through these carefully sequenced tracks, the album takes listeners on Ash’s personal journey through life and death, abuse and recovery, sobriety and relapse. The result never feels alienating in its specificity though, it’s a shared space, or as Ash puts it “the album is a place and the listener gets to hang out there for a while and process a lot of emotions from beginning to end.”

Stream DUSK in full below and keep checking back for more from Plasma Canvas!

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