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The Lillingtons
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The Lillingtons – Project 313

Paranormal pop-punk at its finest.

Photo: Brian Santostefano
Fest 16

The Lillingtons

Project 313

June 9, 2017
Red Scare Industries

The Lillingtons are back in full force with the release of their EP, Project 313. Released via Red Scare Industries on June 9, 2017, the four-piece made many patient (and not-so-patient) punk rockers’ dreams come true. Apart from a few appearances on compilation records, the band hadn’t put out new music since their 2006 album, The Too Late Show.

The EP starts out with a taste of power pop-punk in the form of “Until the Sun Shines.” With the opening lyrics being “I think something might be wrong/ ’Cause it’s been dark out far too long/ And it’s been raining everyday/ I wanna wish it all away,” I was under the impression this might be a tune about Seattle. However, it becomes clear that this is a well thought out metaphor when the second verse rolls in. “Rubber Room” follows chronologically, but comes in at my favorite track on the EP. The lyrics and music video remind me all too much of the psych clinical rotation I just finished for nursing school. Especially the line “I can take a shit in the middle of the floor.” The track starts with a Ramones-core power chord progression and tells a story about taking a “permanent holiday” in a mental institution. It’s both catchy and creative.

“Project 313” tells a story of being stuck and bored on a rocket ship in outer space. As the namesake of the EP, I am curious if there is any significance to the number 313. It’s a Michigan area code, but the band hails from Wyoming so I doubt that’s relevant. The Lillingtons have a special place in their hearts for the paranormal as we’ve seen in some of their previous songs, such as “Pyramids” and “Black Hole in My Mind.”

Rounding out the EP is the track “It’s On.” Starting with a distorted, heavy metal-esque scream, this song tells the story of wanting to get it on with a “devil dressed in silk.” This last track differs from the first three, but still delivers everything I had hoped for within new music from The Lillingtons. I’m extremely excited for the release of their upcoming full-length. Stella Sapiente will be released via Fat Wreck Chords on October 13th.

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