Fest 16

Bad Copy

The Eradicator

The Eradicator

The Squash Court, ILunited_states
  1. PEARS
    Show Review
    Show Review

    PEARS, Still Alive, The Eradicator, & Salvation in Chicago, IL

  2. Show Review
    Show Review

    88 Fingers Louie, Rehasher, Counterpunch, The Eradicator, & The Old Comiskeys in Chicago, IL

    Sorry Not Sorry

  3. Dollars Signs
    Show Review
    Show Review

    Davey Dynamite, Dollar Signs, Bosley Jr., & The Grandfather of Squash in Chicago, IL

    A house show in a house that is a venue and not a house. Whatever, it's BYOB.

  4. Premiere
    The Grandfather of Squash

    Introducing The Grandfather of Squash

    Respect Your Elders

  5. Show Review
    Show Review

    Suicide Machines, Bad Cop / Bad Cop, Direct Hit!, Rebel Spies, & The Eradicator in Chicago, IL

    2017 is dead, long live 2018

  6. Feature

    Best of 2017: Kendra’s Retrospective Look at Bad Copy’s First Year

    We expected #7, but wait until you see her #1 pick!

  7. Feature

    Best of 2017: Kyle’s Picks For Albums and EPs

    Kyle laments the deletion of his original submission and tells the tale of 10 albums from 2017.

  8. Show Review
    Show Review

    Fest 16: Day 2 in Gainesville, FL

    Oh no, anything but delicious Flaco's!

  9. Record Review
    Record Review

    The Eradicator – The Eradicator

    Football sucks! Tennis sucks!

  10. Premiere

    The Eradicator Premieres Video for “Squash Queen”

    A love song that's no racket

  11. Newstour

    Bong Mountain & The Eradicator Announce Australian Tour

    Flying overseas with a racquet and bong in hand

  12. Signals Midwest
    Show Review
    Show Review

    Signals Midwest, Bong Mountain, & More at Fat Guy Fest 4 in Kalamazoo, MI

    Beer, pizza, and the best of the Great Lakes.

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